BEAT THE BOMB is the ultimate test of team coordination and communication under pressure! Mixing the best elements from escape rooms, immersive theater, and 80s movie endings, three-to-five person teams wearing hazmat suits and facial protection must use intelligence, speed, and stealth to defeat high-tech “security systems” (multiplayer games) and defuse a paint bomb before it blasts them!

Where Is BEAT THE BOMB Located?

BEAT THE BOMB is located at 247 Water Street, suite #106 (first floor past elevators back right) in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY, 11201. It is just a few blocks from the York Street (F) Subway Stop in DUMBO, and a little longer of a walk but still close to the A/C at High Street, the 2/3 at Clark Street, and the 4/5 at Borough Hall. We are planning additional locations across the US in 2018.

How much does BEAT THE BOMB cost?

$39 per person.

Will My Clothing Get Ruined During BEAT THE BOMB?

No. BEAT THE BOMB will provide all participants with a protective outer layer as well as head and face protection. That said, please leave your Giorgio Armani or Gucci at home, just to be on the safe side.

Who Is Creating BEAT THE BOMB?

We are team of game designers, immersive theater producers, and special effects professionals. BEAT THE BOMB’s founder Alex Patterson was the former Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Obstacle Innovation at global obstacle course company Tough Mudder.

How do I purchase Tickets?

Click the Book Now link anywhere on our website.

How Long Does The Experience Last?

About 60 minutes. There will be a 5 minute introduction, 45 minutes of game play, and a 5-10 minute exit process. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your entrance time. If your team arrives late for your entry time, we will try to accommodate your group, but no guarantees.

Can I Bring My Bags?

We will provide standard gym lockers (and locks) upon your arrival for backpacks, purses, small shoulder bags, and coats. Note however that large backpacks, roller bags, shopping bags, suitcases etc. will have to sit on top of the lockers in an unsecured fashion.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

At the current time, participants must be at least 10 years old.

Do I Have To Be In Good Shape To Go Through The Room?

No. Beat The Bomb does not test physical fitness, strength, or endurance. However, you will have to walk through the experience, and you may have to crawl at times, navigate lasers, and maneuver in some tight spaces during the experience. Please contact us to discuss access for persons with disabilities at info@beatthebomb.com.

Can I Take Pictures Or Video During The Experience?

No. During the experience you will be under constant surveillance, and we will provide you with photos and videos after the fact. As a result, we do not allow you to photo or film the experience yourself, and we require all phones to be in the “off” position during the experience.

Will I Have To Surrender My Phone Before Entering The Experience.

No, but we will require everyone to put their phone on “off” mode. See above.

Is This Experience Safe?

Yes, BEAT THE BOMB is extremely safe. Every room is monitored by audio and video surveillance at all times. None of the doors are actually locked. You can leave at any time if you are feeling uncomfortable by following our green Exit signs above the doorways.

Will I Have To Sign A Waiver?

Yes. BEAT THE BOMB is safe but for legal reasons we will require all participants and/or their guardians to sign a liability waiver. To sign our waiver, see the tab ‘Sign our Waiver’ at the bottom left side of our website.