Our Team

Beat The Bomb is the world’s first paint blast team experience. Mixing escape rooms, immersive theater, and the bomb defusing scene from the end of most 80s action movies, it is an exciting 45-minute test of team communication and coordination, in which groups of 3-5 players put on hazmat suits and advance through hi-tech team challenges to finally defuse the paint bomb… or get paint blasted! The concept was developed by Alex Patterson, formerly employee #3 at global obstacle company Tough Mudder, who recognized the need for meaningful bonding experiences among friends and work colleagues that would have a broad audience, resonate well on social media, and be just as messy as a Tough Mudder, but focus on mental rather than physical challenges.

Alex Patterson The Navigator

Alex is Beat The Bomb’s head honcho. BK-born-and-raised, he’s a beat-boxing, pun-writing surfer boy who attended Harvard College then UVA Law, before ditching life as a tax attorney to be 4th employee at Tough Mudder, where he held key roles in legal, marketing, and people/hr. His favorite color is Royal Blue.

Todd Schwartz The Builder

Todd Schwartz is Beat The Bomb’s Creative Director. A Marine, skatepark owner, touring heavy metal bass player, mud run obstacle designer, and FAA-licensed drone pilot, he was recently DNA tested and is the Jewish great-great-great grandson of Thomas Edison. Todd’s favorite color is Purple Haze.

Jeremy White The Designer

Jeremy White is Beat The Bomb’s Senior Game Designer, and created the first versions of nearly all of our games. A Brooklyn-based artist-technologist, he holds a masters degree from NYU’s Game Center. His favorite color is probably green.

Jesse Johnson The Wizard

Jesse Johnson is Lead Developer at Beat The Bomb. Born at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at the end of the Cold War, he is a graduate of the X-Institute (Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters), Transylvania University, and received his masters in integrated media at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. His favorite color is Prussian Blue.

Nick Hubbard The Synthesizer

Nick worked at Beat The Bomb from 2016-2017, and was key to the early development of both the physical games and the UX of the experience. He is “The Synthesizer” for expertly absorbing and integrating the views of customers and colleagues to make the experience better. His favorite color is stripes.

Joe Formica The Eye

Joe created Beat The Bomb’s logo and branding, the first version of the game Hack Attack, and contributed in a thousand other ways to the development of the concept. He is “The Eye” because he was the original visual designer behind the brand. His favorite color is Bright Orange.

Jonathan Judge The Webologist

Jonathan is Beat The Bomb’s website developer. His favorite color is red.

Don Baxter The Wise One

Don is The Wise One because he serves as special outside adviser to Beat The Bomb CEO Alex Patterson. His mix of advice, humor, and structure have kept the project on track since the beginning. His favorite color is Hot Pink.

Sarah Hack The Legal Eagle

Sarah is Beat The Bomb’s outside counsel. In her day job she is Head of Business Affairs & Legal at Magnolia Pictures, & responsible for negotiating, drafting and implementing development, production, acquisition, delivery, marketing, licensing and distribution of content, including with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Sarah’s favorite color is fuchsia.

Alex PattersonOur Team