Paint Bomb Mission

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A multi-screen communication game where the players must pass complex information and instructions across computer terminals around the rooms.


A hi-tech evasion game to get across as many laser patterns as possible in 10 minutes. Players must watch out, since patterns change every level, and even begin to move!


A listening game to recreate fun sound patterns using RFID readers distributed around the rooms.


A movement game where players tracked by motion sensors must stand on assigned symbols on a grid while dodging obstacles like fireballs.


Mission 01’s Bomb Room game, players must drive a virtual bomb robot through a complex maze to capture the 10-digit code to deactivate the Paint Bomb.

Got a large group?

Got 7+ players and a competitive spirit? Activate BATTLE MODE at check-in with your group. You’ll play in a head to head battle. Losing team gets blasted by the winning team.