Foam Bomb Mission


Crack the correct number sequences on touch-screens as fast as possible in a game that requires attention, visual perception, and brain speed!


Players must ‘unlock’ the possible paths through the laser maze in this high-stakes test of agility and evasion skills--now with sideways lasers!

bay mission game - mad dash

A reaction game where teams must move at the speed of light to recreate flashing multi-color light patterns in the order in which they blink, while under time pressure.


A memory and movement game to recharge the team’s draining power supply by remembering and standing on disappearing battery shapes before time runs out.


Mission 02’s Bomb Room game, where the team must smash balls against 10 intimidating block formations to literally crack the code to shut off the Paint Bomb.

Got a large group?

Got 7+ players and a competitive spirit? Activate BATTLE MODE at check-in with your group. You’ll play in a head to head battle. Losing team gets blasted by the winning team.