• Based on the mandate from New York City, all customers 5 and over must show proof of at least 1 dose of COVID vaccination to enter Beat The Bomb
  • Matching ID required for guests 18 and older
  • Starting December 27th, customers 12 and over will need to show proof of 2 doses of vaccination (except for Johnson & Johnson which only requires 1 dose)
  • Proof of vaccination may include: NYC COVID Safe App, Excelsior Pass, CDC Vaccination Card (or photo), NYC Vaccination Record (or photo), or an official immunization record from outside NYC or the U.S.
  • Without proof of vaccination you will not be able to enter or play Beat The Bomb
  • If you arrive and do not have proof of vaccination there are no refunds. You will receive vouchers for another time
  • Masks are still required at all times while in the facility

Player Protective Gear:

Protects against the spread of germs AND the Paint Bomb!


Small Private Group Activity:

Teams of 2-6 players in private, sanitized rooms.


Reservation Based:

Allows us to carefully control the number and flow of customers.

Player Protective

Dedicated Cleaning Crews Sanitizing Rooms Between Each Game

Mandatory Facemasks for Customers & Employees

Capacity Reduction and Private Games to Maintain Social Distancing

Sanitizing Stations

Contactless Check In: Online Payment & Waivers

Health and safety has always, and will always be a core tenant of the guest experience here at Beat The Bomb. As we all adapt to a new reality, Beat The Bomb will implement the following changes to assure our guests that we are doing everything in our power to uphold this promise.

-Alex Patterson, Founder & CEO

Capacity Reduction

Beat The Bomb will follow State and City guidelines to appropriately reduce capacity to allow for customers and employees to practice social distancing.

Private Games for All

Beat The Bomb will provide only private experiences (at no extra charge), giving our customers the confidence that they will only be in close proximity to those in their reservation.

Team Prep Locations

We are reorganizing how we get teams ready for the game to ensure that everyone can maintain proper social distancing while in our lobby.

Online & Contactless Payment

Beat The Bomb will encourage all guests to pay online prior to arrival to allow for social distancing at check-in. We will offer contactless payment options onsite as well.

Online Waiver Forms

Beat The Bomb will provide the opportunity for our guests to sign waivers online ahead of arrival. For those that sign waivers on site, the touch-screens will be sanitized between every use.

Protective Barriers

Beat The Bomb will install new industry standard plexiglass barriers at our front desk to allow for additional protection for both customers and employees.

‘Round-the-Clock Cleaning

Beat The Bomb will have a member of our newly established ‘Clean Crew’ on duty at all times cleaning our facility with a focus on high touch areas.

Disinfection of Every Game Room, Between Every Team

Beat The Bomb will structure our reservation times in such a way that our Clean Crew has the ability to disinfect each room between teams.

Sanitizing Stations

Beat The Bomb will provide hand sanitizer hygiene stations at key locations throughout the facility:

  • At our front desk

  • At our Waiver Stations

  • At the entry portal to our Game Rooms

  • At the entry to Game Room 1

Beat The Bomb is committed to keeping you healthy and safe, but we cannot guarantee you won’t be exposed to COVID-19. We rely on you to protect yourself and others too:

Wear a facemask...

To contain air droplets if you can safely do so (required for both employees and customers).

Wash your hands...

After entering Beat The Bomb and avoid touching your face.

Social Distance...

Maintain a 6 foot distance from those not in your group.

Cover Your Nose and Mouth...

When coughing or sneezing, with a flexed elbow or tissue. Throw tissue into a trash receptacle after use.

Avoid touching surfaces...

There are very few areas at Beat The Bomb that necessitate touching surfaces. We will provide all players with disposable gloves.

Reduce the number of personal items...

You bring into Beat The Bomb. We provide lockers but if you can avoid the need to use them, this will aid with social distancing.

If you’re sick...

Please don’t participate and encourage your family not to participate until you are well. We will offer you to reschedule your reservation, free of charge. See COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have concerns...

About the cleanliness of our facility while at Beat The Bomb, please email: cleancrew@beatthebomb.com or ask to speak with a Manager.