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Player Protective Gear:

Protects against the spread of germs AND the Paint Bomb!


Small Private Group Activity:

Teams of 2-6 players in private, sanitized rooms.


Reservation Based:

Allows us to carefully control the number and flow of customers.

Player Protective

Dedicated Cleaning Crews Sanitizing Rooms Between Each Game

Mandatory Facemasks for Customers & Employees

Capacity Reduction and Private Games to Maintain Social Distancing

Sanitizing Stations

Contactless Check In: Online Payment & Waivers

Over 1,300


5 Immersive Arcade Games

1 Hour

2-6 Players

To defeat the paint bomb

Free Bomb Video

Free Photos

Beat The Bomb is an Immersive Video Game Experience...sort of like an Escape Room but 1000x Better.

Your objective is simple:

Earn time on the bomb clock by beating levels of the first 4 games. Then disarm the paint bomb before time runs out… or #GETBLASTED!

Don’t worry… the blast does NOT hurt, you’ll get gear to protect your clothing, and the paint is non-toxic and washable.

There are multiple Missions to choose from, all featuring 5 completely different games.

Other Ways to Play

Pro Level

Players who Beat the Bomb will earn access to Pro Level, including free swag, competitions, discounts, and more challenging levels!

Team vs team competition mode

Go head to head with your friends or colleagues and see who gets blasted!

Make Your Event a Total BLAST!

From birthday and holiday parties, to corporate events and gender reveals, we have you covered as the one stop shop for everything celebration!

Private Space


Discounts on merch

Custom tournaments


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