Bring Your Crew To Play NYC's Craziest Team Game!

Play a set of 5 totally unique hi-tech game rooms.

Work together to dodge lasers, solve puzzles, and disarm a ticking bomb… or #GetBlasted with paint! Even if you fail, it’s a total BLAST! Free photos and videos included!

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Over 5,000 Reviews!

This place is so much fun!! I went for a team builder for work, you really have to work together to succeed together!! The staff was great. The rooms were very interesting. It’s much better than escape rooms scenarios. It brings out the competition in you. And the other room can hear you talk smack!! Overall great experience. Set aside 1:30 time to spread overall.

Lysaine Augustin

It was so much fun! Each game was such a rush of adrenaline and excitement. The staff were kind and made sure that you and your team were safe. It’s really an interactive experience that mixes elements of escape rooms and video games into something unique. I’d definitely come back to try the Mission 2!

Justine Bermisa

Had a very awesome time here! The puzzles are unique and very fun and interactive! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try and escape room type place but with more interaction and team work!

Steve B.
Can your

beat the bomb?

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Book your ticket and choose from our 2 Missions when you arrive!

Each Mission Includes 5 Completely Unique Game Rooms

Earn time on the Clock in the first 4 Games to Take on the Final Challenge to Beat The Bomb or #GetBlasted!


Best for first-time players. Played by over 100,000 people. The Ultimate Team Game


Best for first-time players. Played by over 100,000 people. The Ultimate Team Game

A multi-screen communication game where the players must pass complex information and instructions across computer terminals around the rooms.

A hi-tech evasion game to get across as many laser patterns as possible in 10 minutes. Players must watch out, since patterns change every level, and even begin to move!

A listening game to recreate fun sound patterns using RFID readers distributed around the rooms.

A movement game where players tracked by motion sensors must stand on assigned symbols on a grid while dodging obstacles like fireballs.

Mission 01’s Bomb Room game, players must drive a virtual bomb robot through a complex maze to capture the 10-digit code to deactivate the Paint Bomb.


Even more challenging for advanced players.


Even more challenging for advanced players.

Crack the correct number sequences on touch-screens as fast as possible in a game that requires attention, visual perception, and brain speed!

Players must ‘unlock’ the possible paths through the laser maze in this high-stakes test of agility and evasion skills--now with sideways lasers!

A reaction game where teams must move at the speed of light to recreate flashing multi-color light patterns in the order in which they blink, while under time pressure.

A memory and movement game to recharge the team’s draining power supply by remembering and standing on disappearing battery shapes before time runs out.

Mission 02’s Bomb Room game, where the team must smash balls against 10 intimidating block formations to literally crack the code to shut off the Paint Bomb.

Got 7+ Players and a Competitive Spirit? Play Head to Head in Battle Mode

Winning Team Gets Free T-Shirts; Losing Team Gets Blasted by The Paint Bomb!

90% of teams do NOT Beat The Bomb their 1st time. But they do #GetBlasted by The World’s Largest Paint Bomb and receive FREE Shareable Photos & Videos!

The 10% of Teams that do succeed qualify for our elite Pro League - including a FREE Mission Pin, entry into prized tournaments and much more. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

PSST and by the way, we’ll still blast you with paint and get you those free photos & videos if you want : )




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